The first international Persian music online academy

Online music lessons are becoming so popular today that they are almost expected in any formal education curriculum. Classrooms are often supplemented by an online portion, while some universities promote exclusively their distance learning programs.

Rhythmitica will present Online Persian music Classes with the best Persian music instructors for the first time in the world.

The main Idea was become from connecting cultures.As online learning has become more mainstream, we have been able to gather every expert Persian music instructors.

has an education platform that partners with top Persian music instructor worldwide, to offer two kinds of educational services as online classes and onsite courses for anyone to take.

With this online-training course, you can practice your Iranian music instrument at a time and place to suit you. Whether you are looking to develop, refresh or maintain your Persian music, our flexible online-training gives you the chance to achieve your learning objectives according to your own time plan.

The course met with such universal approval and success that we decided to make this method of learning music available to everyone.

When designing your course, we take your personal and career background, your current knowledge and any specific wishes you may have into consideration. Should you decide to take such a course, key factors are:    

    • Your motivation for learning any Persian/Iranian music instruments
    • How much you wish to invest in your course (both time and money)

If you would like to have flexible one-to-one lessons with an experienced teacher, we can recommend instruction-by-Skype*, which is about as close to one-to-one teaching at home as you can get. All you need is a broadband Internet connection (e.g. ADSL or Cable) and an up-to-date computer with a good headset and webcam.

What will the course cost and how can I get started?

As it is a new type of Persian music training many students opt for a free consultation. This includes 30 minutes of online consultant with a expert via Skype.

Online Classes

You can choose any kind of Persian musical instruments learned by the world’s top Persian music instructors. Classes are individual and they are weekly face to face class via Skype.

Rhythmitica is a place to teach you any kind of Persian musical instruments such as:

  1. Online Daf lessons    
  2. Online Tombak lessons
  3. Online Setar lessons  
  4. Online Tar lessons 
  5. Online Oud lessons
  6. Online Tanbur lessons 
  7. Online Santoor lessons
  8. Online Qanoon lessons
  9. Online Kamancheh lessons   
  10. Online Ney lessons

Onsite music Courses

Onsite courses actually are off-line contents includes video, audio, music note sheets, text and pictures and students can choose from hundreds of courses created by the experts. Some courses are open to anyone, and learning is free.