Setareh Ahmadi

Setareh Ahmadi born in 1991.
BA degree in Iranian Music playing, Setar instrument, from Tehran University of Art.She learned Setar from Aidin Olyanassab. The repertoire of music: Ten pieces for tar Hossein Alizadeh. The pieces of Parviz Meshkatian, The Radif of Mirzaabdollah, The pieces of Faramarz Payvar, The pieces of Ahmad Ebadi and Jalal Zolfonoun.

Work Experience:
 ⁃ Concert performance in Roodaki Hall as Oud instrument player in Oranous Music Band.

 ⁃ Solo Setar playing as Torkaman concert in Tehran University of Art.

 ⁃ Setar and Tombak duet Concert performance in Roberoo mansion as Afsaneye Gol e Yakh .

 ⁃ Release an album named “Afsaneye Gol e Yakh” . 

 ⁃ Holding workshop as Setar player in Andishe Cultural Center in Tehran.

Setareh’s lessons are held only in Farsi!