About Persian Tombak instrument


Tombak/Tonbak/Donbak, a percussion instrument has been an important part of traditional Iranian music for a long time. 

Tombak, tonbak,donbak

 Tombak’s sound is created through consecutive and skillful hitting of the drum-skin using the fingers of both hands. Tonbak’s middle “neck” is placed securely on the leg of the player as he/she is sitting down on a chair or the ground. There are a plethora of techniques available in Tombak instrument and this has made the instrument versatile and sonically diverse. Techniques include: Tom, Bak, Pelang’s and Riz. Tombak is undoubtedly among the most complex and layered percussion instrument in the world. Persian Tombak (also known as Dombak or Zarb) is classified as a goblet drum. Few of the similar instrument can be mentioned: Darbūkah in Turkey and Arab countries and Zir-baghali in Afghanistan are among them


Tombak Online lessons

Rhythmitica presents Tombak online lessons via Skype by Behzad Mirzayi and Kaveh Sarvarian This online music class can be taken in Persian and English languages. In order to register for online Tombak lessons, please book a free consultation session first.In this session you can talk directly with the manager via Skype and ask your questions about the class, methods, discounts or Persian instruments. After this session, you can set a time for weekly classes.