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Persian Tar is a string Persian instrument played with a pick or fingernail. Wood, animal skin and bones and metal are used in its construction. Its length is about 1 m. It has been one of the most important instruments in Persian music in the last 200 years. The player would sit down and place the instrument on his/her lap to play. It is held horizontally as the main body of the instrument is leaning against the player’s leg. The player then uses the right hand while holding a pick to play the music. 

Persian Tar has a uniquely beautiful and sad tune to it. It is existentially eastern indeed. Having features such as resonance, voluminous sound and broad technical range in Iranian musical systems and modes, make Tar possibly the most complete and advanced instrument in traditional Iranian music. In a Persian Tar, the animal skin is stretched over the body which itself is shaped like a ∞–though one half is bigger than the other.

Persian Tar is played using a brass pick with the length of 3 cm (approx.). To make holding the pick in hand easier, it is usually covered in wax. A lot of experts and aficionados all over the land have contributed to the development of Tar, to name a few: Maestro Khajik, Humbarson and Farajollah and Aqa Qoli and Yahya, San’at brothers and Maestro Haji and his son Ramezan Shahrokh. A lot more can be added to this list and some other have been forgotten through the intricate maze that is time. Not a lot is documented when it comes to the conception and development of Tar. It can be seen in old miniature designs and ancient books but extracting info about this musical instrument is beyond the scope of this passage and is a task for researchers. All we know is that today’s Tar instrument especially the two part body doesn’t appear in the older designs of the instrument.

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