One of the best known Iranian female classical vocalists is Fatemeh Vaezi, also known as Parisa. Born in 1950, she is one of the students of Mahmoud Karimi, whose radif was introduced in another post I wrote a few weeks ago.

Parisa and her teacher, Mahmoud Karimi


 Parisa and her teacher, Mahmoud Karimi

She is well known for her correct style and abidance by the traditional rules and guidelines. She made her major debut appearance at the Iran-America Society, arranged my Lloyd Miller, a well known ethnomusicologist and a disciple of the grand Dariush Safvat. Parisa, alongside a few other musicians were members of an institution that had a tremendous impact on the progression of Persian classical music. The institution was called the “Center for Preservation and Propagation of Iranian Music” and was a project that Dariush Safvat initiated. Many promising music students would go there to practice, spent time perfecting their abilities, and use one another’s community to excel together. Many of the well known Iranian musicians of today were students at this institute, such as Dariush Tala’i, Hossein Alizadeh, Majid Kiani, and Jalal Zolfonun.  



 She has had beautiful concerts all around the world and currently lives and works in Tehran, Iran. She has trained many women to sing the classical repertoire, one of whom is Rhythmitica‘s very own vocal instructorMalihe Moradi has very recently joined our team and we hope more of you start taking lessons with her. Feel free to read her bio on our website and possibly schedule your consultation session to start training your voice with her. Watch Parisa perform with the late Parviz Meshkatian and the ensemble

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