Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation and Basic Theory

Dear all music students,

My name is Hooshyar Khayam, and I am a professional pianist, composer, and conductor. For many years I have witnessed students of all ages, from elementary level to advanced stages, and from very young ages to older, taking courses on all kinds of instruments, from classical instruments such as piano, violin, or guitar, to Persian traditional music or Jazz music or even pop and rock and others. These students have spent years of hard work and discipline, and yet, still struggle on some of the basic principles of music, such as learning fast and efficiently, memorizing the music, singing and hearing easily, and so on. 

Many of these students struggle every day preparing themselves for their final performance on stage and still become nervous every time they perform in front of others. The secret lies in the fact that they have never learned the practical tools and techniques on music theory. The type of techniques that will help them and enable them to overcome these obstacles. 

During my many years of teaching, I have met hundreds of talented and gifted music students, who with only a bit of training and help, could in a much easier way become much greater musicians and performers. 

Our goal in Rhythmitica is to help you to understand the secrets behind every piece of music that you play, regardless of the instrument and musical genre that you have chosen. Whether you are learning to play the guitar, cello, a hang drum, or your dream to become a singer or a virtuoso Tar or Oud player, this course is for you!

Come and join us in this three-level course that will accompany you on a journey to enjoying music in the most natural and easy-going way.

Your musical coach,

Hooshyar Khayam

  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Sessions: Ongoing weekly sessions
  • Tuition: $240 ($20 each session) for a package of 12 sessions
  • Capacity: 10 students
  • Language: English
  • Starting date: It is an ongoing class, so you can join whenever you want. The classes are on Saturdays, at 12 pm EST ( 12 pm Toronto time )
  • All sessions are live online classes and will be recorded for the students.

The Basic Principles