kamancheh ibook is published

Rhythmitica has not only put in tremendous effort in making Iranian music easily available to interested learners around the world, but it is also trying to create ways for learners to become self-sufficient and independent. If that doesn’t scream support for making Iranian music available to all, then I don’t know what does.

Kamancheh iBook by Negar Kharkan & Rhythmitica

The Kamancheh iBook, created with the instructions of Negar Kharkan, Rhythmitica’s very own Kamancheh instructor, is rhythmitica’s new additions to its collections of music study aids. You can now learn the foundational basics of Kamancheh playing through an iBook, filled with videos made of multi-angled shots of Negar Kharkan playing each lesson. You will learn how to bow properly, change strings effectively, understand the first, second, third, and forth finger placement, and even learn a song or two to play. Understanding rhythm and sight reading are certainly a part of your learning as well. 



Take a moment to go to iTunes and check this amazing study aid out. you can even download a free sample and take a peek into what the actual book is like. It is a very worthy iBook if you simply don’t have the time or interest in the financial investment of an actual class with Rhythmitica’s Negar Kharkan, but still, want to learn from her. She is there, in this iBook, and she will teach you one little lesson at a time.