Iranian Daf

The Daf instrument is one of the ancient musical instrument in Iran and neighboring countries. It is classified as a percussion instrumentDaff consists of usually animal hide or plastic as drum head and wooden frame/rim and chains. The authentic one is made with animal skin.

 Iranian Daf[/caption] The player usually holds the Persian Daf with left hand (for right handed players). Using the 5 fingers of the right hand placed on the side of the instrument and 4 fingers of the left hand holding it, the player is then able to play and create music. Daf Iranian instrument has four main techniques. Using these four techniques, all different rhythms and sounds can be produced on Daf. The right hand techniques are called “Tom” and “Bak” and left hand techniques are called “Chap” and “Zanjir”. All the other techniques (adding up to 20) are auxiliary and complimentary to these four main techniques. 

  This Persian music instrument has been in use in mystical Sufi and Darvish traditions and rites for a long time. In the past few decades, it has surpassed its original place in the Sufi’s “Khanqah” and has found its prestigious status as a versatile instrument in different musical endeavours. Today, this musical instrument is seen to be utilized in traditional Iranian music as well as world music and percussion bands, Daff orchestras and even the classical music bands focused on the music of the renaissance age. Thousands of years ago, the occupants of ancient Egypt by the Nile River, performed rituals and paid tribute to their gods using different instruments, among them: big round instruments. It is said Moses who was educated and taught by the great teachers of Pharaoh’s court, used to play an instrument named “Toof”. According to a Turkish researcher in the wedding celebrations of Solomon and Queen of Sheba, it could be joyously heard .In some Assyrian ruins, designs carved in stone display instruments similar to it. Some other designs depict priests making offerings to deities as some play Daf and harp.


Iranian Online Daf lessons

Rhythmitica presents online Daf lessons via Skype by Hooman Tootoonchian. This music online class can be taken in Persian and English languages. In order to register for online Daf lessons, please book a free consultation session first.In this session you can talk directly with the manager via Skype and ask your questions about the class, methods, discounts or Persian instruments. After this session, you can set a time for weekly classes.