VERY BASIC MUSIC THEORY Lets learn some really basic music

Persian musical instruments

Persian musical instruments iBookWe have written an innovational iBook that

Persian Tar |

Persian Tar | Tar instrument Persian Tar is a string Persian instrument played with

Persian Santoor |

About Persian Santoor  Persian Santoor is a string instrument with strings stretched over a

Persian Music History

Persian Music History Compiled By: Firouzeh Mirrazavi Deputy Editor of

History of Daff

What do you know about the history of Daff or

What? Iranian traditional

What? Iranian traditional music! About five years ago, when I

Daf instrument |

Daf instrument | Persian Daf The Daf instrument is one of the

Persian Tombak |

About Persian Tombak instrument Tombak/Tonbak/Donbak, a percussion instrument has been an important

Persian Setar |

Persian Setar | Setar instrument Setar is an instrument with a

Oud instrument |

About Oud instrument Oud (name is originally Arabic) finds its origins

Iranian Tanbur |

About Tanbur instrument Persian Tanbur is a string instrument in which the strings

Persian Ney |

Persian Ney | Ney instrument Ney is a cylinder shaped (flute-like)

Persian classical music

Persian classical music | Persian Music Afshin Ardalan. (2012, Spring).Persian

Kamancheh instrument |

Kamancheh instrument | Persian Kamancheh Kamancheh is another string instrument of Persian music.

Persian Musical Instruments

Persian Musical Instruments On Western So many of the Persian or non-Persian musicians have

Persian Music Theory

Persian Music Theory Afshin Ardalan. (2012, Spring).Persian Music Meets WestINTERVALS

The Golha Programs

The Golha Programs Jane Lewisohn. (2008).Flowers of Persian Song and Music: Davud

Persian music download

List of Persian music for download   Persian music downloadRhythmitica in YoutubeKamancheh music for download Tombak music

Davud Pirnia and

Davud Pirnia and the Revival of Classical Persian Music Jane

The Setar

The Setar by Kiya TabassianThe origins of the Setar go back to a

Persian music Improvisation

Persian music Improvisation Improvisation plays an essential role in Persian Music and

How to play

How to play Setar Tuning Each of the four string of setar can

Instructing Daf

Instructing Daf There are two kinds of Daf available, one with natural

Iranian Classical Singing

Iranian Classical Singing  The classical singing of Iran, similar to its instrumental

Women of the

Women of the World Women's voices have often been described


One of the best known Iranian female classical vocalists is

Oud Blues

Oud Blues When it comes to Iranian classical music, there have

Duke Ellington and

Duke Ellington and the Far East Suite The 60s were

The first international

RhythmiticaThe first international Persian music online academyOnline music lessons are becoming

Wooden Ney

Wooden Ney Take a moment to read this review written by Siamak

The Comparison of

The Comparison of Turkish and Iranian Music: Intervals and Tetrachords

Abolhasan Saba

Abolhasan Saba Abolhasan Saba (1281-1336 SH), one of the best violinists

Your Musical Brain

Your Musical Brain Many of us know the benefits of

Kamancheh iBook is

Rhythmitica has not only put in tremendous effort in making Iranian music easily

Oud Method for

Oud Method for Persian Music by Negar Bouban The Oud iBook,

Ebrahim Sharifzade

Ebrahim Sharifzade It is often when we lose something that

Kids Music Lessons

Kids Music Lessons in TorontoWhen: Saturdays 2:30 to 3:30 pm starting

Donating to Kermanshah

Donating to Kermanshah Earthquake Sufi music improvisation by Masoud Arzanlou

Iran’s leading Oud

Iran’s leading Oud player An interview between  Negar Bouban and Rachel Beckles WillsonSource:

Basic Music Theory

Basic Music Theory By Mehdi BahaminpourBecause melody is such a

10 Useful Tips

10 Useful Tips That Will Help You Play A Musical