Abolhasan Saba

Abolhasan Saba (1281-1336 SH), one of the best violinists and music composers of Iran, was the first artist to create a book dedicated to some of the greatest Persian folk songs. He studied several of Iranian and non Iranian musical instruments and became a Ostad in Radif, but selected violin and setar as his specific instruments.He also introduced great musicians such as Roohollah Khaleghi, Habibollah Badiyi, Hossein Khajamiri and Homayoun Khorram into the music industry of Iran.

Abolhassan Saba

Saba perfected his tonbak skills with Haji-Khan Zarbi and received training on the santur from Ali Akbarshahy. In addition, he learned to play the kamanche under the guidance of Hossein Esmail-Zadeh. He was a student of Mirza Abdollah as well as Darvish Khan.Saba is considered one of Iran’s most influential figures in traditional and instrumental Persian music. Saba’s son, Kamal Olsaltaneh, was a Doctor, a Professor and a great Setar player. Although, aside from the Setar he also played the violin, the Kamancheh, the ney, the santour and was also composed his own music. 

Translated by: Yalda Sabetazad